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Monday, 24 May 2010


Albert (with whom both my readers will be familiar) has been told by his boss that there are four million unemployed people out there who are desperate for his (Albert's) job.

He thinks that might be untrue. Albert is usually right on these matters.

However, Albert has a plan which, although very simple, seems to me to be sound. It is this:

People who are claiming benefit could be given one of those sticks with a picker on the end, where you squeeze the handle and it closes the picker. Thus you can use it to pick up, for instance, a McDonald bag, Coke cup, etc. He claims that if people are claiming their benefit, they should have the opportunity to be given said picker and black bin bag, and receive their payment on production of a full bag of litter. This, he says, would work on a piecework basis whereby one bag would equate to, say, half a day's money.

The downside of this, Alberts claims, is that there really would be people queueing for his job.

I think Albert talks sense.

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Your other reader said...

When's Albert standing for Parliament? Who knows, he may even give Old Holborn a run for his money.