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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


The Queen's wotsit is on. The state opens parliament.

All this tosh symbolises freedom, democracy  ... er, hold on. No, it doesn't.

It actually symbolises that we live in the past, in a system which, although it's the best we've got, is far from sensible. It symbolises that a herd of beefeaters, costing God knows how much, who couldn't defend the Queen or the Tower from a six-year-old with a peashooter, are pomping around the place at the taxpayer's expense. It symbolises that the Queen, who should have given up years ago, is really only any good for decorating stamps. It symbolises that a pile of hasbeens (sorry, Lady T) are STILL troughing from the family pot.

And it means that there is more of the same.

"My noble Lord".

"The honourable member".

"I shall name him".

Look, get rid. The best thing you can do is to get rid of this ancient and self-perpetuating cobblers.

And if there's one thing I'd REALLY like to see in parliament, it's that when an honourable member believes that another honourable member is guilty of terminological inexactitudes, he just calls him a fucking liar.

Because, I'm afraid, that's what he is.

Go on. Argue.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can't argue with that. But which politician is going to put that to the House?

Uncle Marvo said...

Old Holborn might've :)

See the point? Get rid of the horseshit first. While we're all Queening about nothing like that will happen.

Captain Ranty said...

We desperately need the pomp.

Of course it is all bollocks. Magicians call it "misdirection". The queen has been misguided by her 'evil counsellors' and has signed away our sovereignty. Parliament is a sham as well, and has been since the enactment of the House of Lords Act in 1999.

With a treasonous monarch and a parliament that has no legitimacy, the very best they can do is to put on a show.

The plebs love it. And will happily pay for it.


SadButMadLad said...

Some of the pomp is only around 150 years old or so. Is that long enough to become tradition?

What were the people saying 150 years ago about pomp and circumstance. I bet they were saying the same thing as us now. Get rid of it and put in some proper procedures probably. Unfortunately if the procedures aren't updated they become tradition and out of step with current times.

If we changed everything now I bet in 150 years (though I couldn't give a toss as I won't be around then) they'll be saying the same thing we're saying now.