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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Ellie's done a post.

It needs to be read.

I have commented. I expect my comment to be deleted in the usual way. If it isn't, thank you Ellie.

If it is, it is reproduced here:

I expect this comment to be deleted, because it is a) from me and b) from a Liberal Tory.

However, I would ask that you do me the courtesy of reading it.

You ask "where it went wrong". It went wrong in my view when Labour became New Labour. Your best bet would be to resurrect the Labour Party as it used to be, whose aim was to defend the workers against the evil employing classes (aka the privileged). They still exist, and some of them are still undoubtedly bad. However, the unions overstepped their remit (see British Airways for details) and succumbed to the desire for power, which makes them as bad as the "enemy".

The country NEEDS a Labour Party. Ask someone like Tony Benn, he'll put you right. Get rid of the "communism by stealth" Fabian society, it won't work.

And lastly, analyse where you are. I thinks omeone like you would be an asset to the Party with your youth and enthusiasm, but please don't blindly spout the mantra. It's so far wrong there's no path to right from it.

There are some in your Party who have the right attitude and the "moral compass" that the Party needs. None of them are running for leadership.

Kind Regards

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