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Monday, 24 May 2010


Just a short note to say that, although all the Libbys, Cons, Dems, Luvvies, Men, Women and Children have decided that Mr Andrew Wakefield, formerly known as Dr Andrew Wakefield, perp of the MMR/autism link scare, is the Witch-du-Jour, Marvo maintains that he said the right thing.

My doctor doesn't spend too much time telling me that smoking can cause cancer, emphysema, halitosis or certain death. This is because my doctor knows me better than that. I know I can get cancer from sitting in the sun, emphysema from the coal fire (if the CO poisoning doesn't get me first), halitosis from eating Chicken Jalfrezi and certain death from generally behaving like a twat, playing with live electrical stuff, riding an 1100cc motorbike, or living.

But I like to have the facts.

The esteemed government, you know, those people who lived your life for you for the last 13 years, found a vaccine for Measles, Mumps and Rubella which they can give you all in one bash, so any measles will be gone forever.

Like Tuberculosis. There isn't any TB any more. Er, that's bollocks. There is. Blame the badgers.

And our esteemed government are always so careful with drugs and stuff. Ask three of my mates whose mothers took thalidomide to make sure they didn't get icky when they were pregnant all those years ago.

And the government is always happy to listen to advice from experts, such as Dr David Kelly. Walking in the woods can also be hazardous to your health, folks!

Here's my twopenn'orth.

Dr Andrew Wakefield announced, from some data that he put together, that there was a possibility that the MMR jab could be linked to increased risk of autism.

Thanks, Doc. I'll make my own judgment from here on in.

I bought the alternative, non-combined vaccine, from Switzerland. I trust the Swiss government more than the Fabians. I trust Lucifer more than I trust the Fabians.

I paid a Doc to administer it to my two youngest kids.

They are not autistic. Perhaps they never would have been. Who knows? I don't. You don't. Andrew Wakefield doesn't.

My choice. I make lots of choices. More than most people.

Andrew, I hope your life gets better and goes well from here on in. You had the decency to give me the information, and I made a conscious decision to act in the way I saw best fit for my children.

It's called freedom, that is. Libertarians are supposed to be all for it.


Jack P said...

I agree with you outright, I praise him for his courage to stand for what he believed in.

Barracuda said...

The problem with your comment above is that you have made the mistake of looking at Andrew comments logically and forming a grown up opinion rather than twisting the truth as the Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer has done for years in his ceaseless attempt to ruin one of the most intelligent scientist in the world. His ability to turn a simple fact into a complete load of headline grabbing bollocks would be described as a gift under different circumstances. In one case he reported that Andrew was living in a mansion in Texas with its own lake. The reality is that his house is quite nice but the garden is a bit of a mess and the lake is in fact a tiny stream. Whilst going to extreme lengths to point out how Andrew has profiteered from his work, Brian Deer failed to mention that in all most of the photos, Andrew is still wearing his suit he graduated in. But hey, that might people look at his toxic reporting in a different light. Someone once said “never pick a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrel” I know Andrew didn’t pick the fight but the Sunday Times, courtesy of Deer, has taken the fight to him and with the full support of the all powerful drugs companies across the globe (and it is the drugs companies that stand to lose most if this was ever proved) so if all goes according to plan, the BMA will/have put the boot in and the UK loses a world class research scientist. Well done Sunday Times. Take the rest of the day of Brian. Wanker.

SadButMadLad said...

But did you have all the facts. Or did you have only the facts that Dr Wakefield gave you. Do you understand enough about all the facts to make an educated decision. Was it really a choice?

The Dr's expermintal methods were a bit unusual to say the least. Whilst this does not necessarily invalidate his research, it does mean that extra experiments are required to prove his results. And there has not been any proof that he was right. Your experience was one side of the issue. has another side of the issue. Who is right? You or AndThereWasMeThinking...? Is Dr Wakefield right or 90% of the rest of the medical profession. Is he a forward thinker like Copernicus or is he a mad deluded doctor? Why is Dr Wakefield more reliable than other doctors or the Fabians. What about the CDC in America? Is that run by Fabians too?

Which is better. To lose a child or have a seriously disabled child with not much of a life to look forward to or to have a mildly (relatively) disabled child who can still have a full and enjoyable life? In either case incidence levels are low. Autism is currently 2.8 per 10,000 person/years. Or for each year of observation, around 2-3 children out of 10K get autism. More people die from car accidents than get autism.

In Japan they've switched to single jabs and they still have a rising autism rate. So it can't be MMR in Japan that's causing it. Also, autism rates were increasing in the UK before MMR was introduced in 1989. MMR has been going on since the 1970s and if there was a case of a link between the two then I'm sure it would have been spotted by now.

Anonymous said...

I have no strong opinion either way concerning the doctor's claims, but I couldn't help noticing the great lengths that the BBC went to this morning to report that he was not struck off for the invalidity or otherwise of his scientific claims, but for his questionable use of funding and other unethical activities.

My immediate thought, being a cynical bastard who tries to read between the lines of any official statement, was that Doctor Wakefield was probably stitched up like a kipper by the establishment.

But then again, I don't have any strong opinions either way so I'll have to file this impression away under "Opinion pending" until the full truth comes out, if it ever does.

SadButMadLad said...

A bit late in the day, but I've just come across this link to information which details exactly what Andrew Wakefield was planning. Doesn't sound so good.

The James Randi Educational Foundation is an organisation that goes around debunking various urban myths pseudo scientific mumbo-jumbo and scams.