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Monday 15 March 2010


Mr Andrew Baron Lord Half Bubble Adonis, noted Transport Minister of the current collection, has been saying for a while that, whatever happens, he will be the Vicar of Bray Transport Minister in the next episode of troughsnouting.

He can do this, because he is unelected. He is a Lord. Bit like Uddin, who is a Lordess.

The bronzed Adonis has said that Unite, the union bent on destroying our biggest and best airline, BA, by encouraging the hoi-poloi trolley-dollies and trolly-boyes to chuck in their futures and thereby bankrupt the airline and give the Union more power, are wonky. He actually said that the action was "totally unjustified", which it is. And "inappropriate", which he didn't say. I just did.

I agree with what he said. I suspect that Mr Gordolo Clown does, too. But he can't be seen to be agreeing, and he can't be seen to be disagreeing.

As a minister for transport, the Noble Lord is ideal. So far as I can see, he's done the square root of fuck all (as did the Vicar of Bray) since he's been in. Most people haven't even heard of him.

So here is my suspicion for the day, and I am making this up:

Lord A is not daft. He knows that if the Unite thing goes ahead everybody and his dog will be seriously pissed off. Especially those who have booked holidays in the sun and are about to fly BA. So he says something. This is good, because then History will show that he did. He can then say "I told you so."

Sadly for the present incompetent incumbent, Messrs Unite furnish the campaign with a Fat Wad (TM) without which they are going to struggle. Also, the Party Faithful, those ex-miners whose jobs were fucked long ago because of the Party, and who now exist, handsomely, on Party benefits paid for by the proletariat, would then vote for the Monster Raving Loony Sospan Bach Male Voice Choristers instead. So the Clown is in a quandary. He can either tell Lord Unelected that he doesn't agree, whereupon when it all goes tits-up and BA return to the dust from whence they came, it will be the ultimate squirty cream on the cup of disaster he's experienced ever since his rise to the seat of power. Or he can say he does agree, and hope the union comes to its senses, ROFL.

Lord A wins either way.

The only question the answer to which I am not sure of is "How Much Did Cam Pay Him"?

B.A. commented on the situation earlier today, saying "Ain't goin' on no goddam airplane, fool".

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Anonymous said...

I think you're onto something there, Uncle M!

Frazer Nelson, in the Guardian, suggested a similar Machiavellian job will be done on Clegg and Ashdown.