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Friday, 26 March 2010


Because I actually, for the first time I think, got over 100 readers yesterday (mainly 'cos I slipped a link into one of my comments over on the Raccoon's blog), I felt that it might be time to venture into competition territory, as an experiment.

And here is my feeble idea for a competition, and a suitable prize.

The most STUPID, POINTLESS or UNENFORCEABLE LAW (or statute) that has been dreamed up by this current administration (that's under Blair or Brown) since they got in.

Post a link to it for all to see.

I've got two up my sleeve and they're pretty hard to beat, but I'm not going to say until Monday.

The PRIZE is a decent-sized (a staggering ONE KG)  box of Belgian chocs which I will bring back with me when I visit the land of the ungoverned and ungovernable in the next couple of weeks. Promise. Cross my heart and call me Playtex.

Now go on, you know you want to. The Editor's decision is final (ME).


Anonymous said...

I've heard Labour have been turning out new laws like cows dumping in a field but I'm buggered if I can tell you what any of them are, they're probably all shit just like the cows best efforts.

Gendeau said...

it's an easy one, tough competition admittedly, but making it illegal to set of a nuclear device in the UK - that'll show the terrorists we're not soft on nuclear crime, soft on the causes of nuclear crime

best of luck with your blog, I'll be back!

Mrs Rigby said...

I claim chocolates! (This morning's post with your name in it.)

Uncle Marvo said...

OK Mrs. You got it.

Now where do I deliver this delicious box of assorted pralines?