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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


One of the Miliclowns, the Ed one, said on the Beeb that "The science tells us that it is more than 90% likely that there will be more extreme weather events if we don't act".

The science. Ed, do fuck off.

Tell me your qualifications and experience for knowing anything more than jack shit about the science. The science told me that it was going to rain here yesterday. There was more than 80% chance of rain. And was there rain? Was there fuck. Same science. And, for nothing, I cleared up outside. Now I've got to go and get it all back out again before I can start work.

Michael Fish was qualified, in a small way, to interpret the science. He said it would be fine and dandy just before a load of roofs and fences made their way into next door's garden.

I am qualified, in a very small way indeed, having had to do enough meteorology to get a pilot's licence (and believe me, it isn't much). And nearly all of what I read about this is bull, and the rest is shit.

And that money, that money you spent on those dodgy adverts. It isn't yours. And now the adverts have been pulled, give it back.


Wankers. That's all I can say.

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Anonymous said...

Watch the skies to see what the weather is likely to do next. Oh and find out which direction the wind is blowing from as this more often than not decides if a cloud is going to turn itself into precipitation.

As for MILLIMADNESS and his funky adverts.
What do you expect when there are no real consequences for pissing billions of other peoples money up the wall?
He's just another thick twat who knows he is better than you or I because he has got himself 'elected'.