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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In Defence of Mrs Bercow -shh, don't tell anyone.

Apparently Mr Speaker’s other half, Mrs Sally Bercow, is running for a seat. She wants to be a Labour Councillor in Westminster. God only knows why, but it doesn’t matter to me if she wants to run for the Monster Loony Party. I don't live in Westminster so as long as she doesn't want to close the pubs or shut down Chinatown I don't care.

Mr Speaker is a Conservative MP. Because he is also Mr Speaker, he has to be impartial, at least at work.

Mr Speaker gets what is known as a Grace and Favour house, because to do his job he really has to be in the house. Tradition does not allow a holographic representation to be put up on the wall with an auto-order-order device when the troughsnouters start to get lairy.

It is not unreasonable for Mr Speaker’s wife and kids to cohabit in the house. In this context, they live at home.

I could run for a seat if I wanted to. I don’t. But, if I did, I could run from a house, a boat, a shed, a rented office or from the top of a tree.

Mrs Bercow can’t, apparently. “Chaps” have decided that she can’t. Presumably the partner of Mr/s Speaker has never wished to even run for a bus in the past. It's all to do with the Palace - you know, the only place in Britain apart from prison where you can still legally smoke. No political activity can happen, because they'll be shutting up shop while McDoom gets his just desserts at the hands of the electorate.

So, if she wants to run, and it is her right, she has to move out, with or without her family.

House: a pile of bricks, usually the most one can afford, so they don't get accused of being under-mortgaged.
Home: where your heart is. Place from whence your children go to local schools.

Yet another helping of horsecrap from the bureaucrats.

If you have a different opinion, and you are of independent mind, I’d like to know. If you're a bureaucrat, please don't bother.

Paul Waugh has done a piece on this but I think his is more inaccurate than mine. And I've never heard of him.

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