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Thursday, 18 March 2010


The Freeman Movement - Marvo’s thoughts.

If you're of a nervous disposition, easily let down or depressed, then please go somewhere else. This is not what you want to hear.

I am writing this because Holby brought my attention to it. I then brought people's attention, in the comments, to the fact that it was a conman in the video. To Holby's credit, he has not removed, nor altered, the post. I would have deleted it and hoped nobody had read it. Holby is a braver man than I, I suspect.

What surprised me was that, even though this cunt (not Holby) had been exposed, people were STILL posting comments on the blog saying what a hero he was. For. Fuck's. Sake.

I am immune. Completely and utterly immune.

I’ve been there. I am familiar with (and skilled in) the techniques used by organised religion, from the C of E to the Catholics to the Jews to the Jedi. I know fuckall, and wish to know fuckall, about the Muslims, Hindus and Martians, because you can’t know everything.

No. I can’t be brainwashed. I am immune.

There’s background for you.

This is going to be long. Long, boring, repetitive.

Brainwashing is. Long, boring, repetitive.

If you can’t take it, leave now.

In the meantime, and in keeping with trying to make the blog more interesting (I'm fighting a losing battle here), I am inserting a gratuitous picture of a lady, in the same way as perhaps The Sun would. I haven't got any idea who she is, but she obviously knows me.

Still here?

Shit. I’d better explain. Some of us are seeking a better way. We know it’s out there.

There isn’t a blue pill or a red pill. We are not seeking something that the filmmakers have exaggerated out of all proportion; we are not clones from Star Wars or the Matrix (though they are both very good films).

Me? I remember better days. Some of you don’t remember, you just know that the status quo is wrong. It doesn’t fit. It isn’t right.

You’ve studied the watered-down modern-day what-you’re-taught version of what you think history is?

I don’t know who reads this blog. I know a very few do, and I know that some are from as far afield as the US.

I’ve looked at the Freedom movement. With the capital “F”. Freeman on the Land. I’ve looked at the history. Where it came from. The Magna Carta (with which I’m familiar, as any skoolboy kno). I have read EVERYTHING and watched EVERYTHING that is available on the internut. EVERYTHING. I have seen all of those "letters" and "court rooms". I know the difference between ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL. I know the difference between COMMON LAW and STATUTES.

And (please leave now if you’re looking for an answer) I have found this truth.

FMOTL is bollocks. Bollocks, you hear? Utter, unmitigated bollocks.

It’s a shame. I like the idea. I embrace the idea. But the State is a machine, which is self-propagating, which runs itself on our lifeblood, in the form of money and effort, like the Machines in the Matrix or the Empire in Star Wars. With OUR money and effort. But it is NOT a corpofuckingration. It does not italicise its CON. It is NOT registered at Companies House. Get real. Have a nice cup of Shut The Fuck Up about italics, registration numbers, Dun and Bradstreet and what-have-you. The original evidence for UKplc was horsecrap, a couple of foreign Johnnies in a flat in the shit end of London trading secondhand rags. FACT. And when exposed, what did the disciples do? Deny it. Bollocks. Go and have a look at some of the "corporations". Look up their postcodes, and go to Google Maps. See the glorious farmhouses in Yorkshire. Run for money? You bet your sweet bippy it's run for money. Tax is their power. But it's been like that since Julius Caesar and before. And it wasn't The Roman Empire plc.

I have read, in detail, a shitload of references to the FMOTL movement. In law, it is all bollocks. Yes, there is common law. Yes, there is naval law (and it's old). There is nobody, but nobody, who promotes this concept in any way, shape or form, that I have more respect for than I have for this fish pie that I’m about to pull out of the oven (watches clock).

I am not daft, nor am I stupid. Nor am I gullible. I don’t believe anything I see, read or hear - ESPECIALLY on the internut - unless I can validate it with fact. Nor do my kids – I’ve brought them up that way, right or wrong. It’s important.

I first read about the FMOTL movement on t’internet. Most people will have done, unless they are mates with someone familiar with it. And, unsurprisingly, the information I read featured a John:Harris. He has a way about him. He's a confident speaker. I like the cut of his jib. But he’s actually a chippie, A carpenter. Wonderful. Jesus Christ was one; by all accounts a pretty good one. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But He had the advantage that it was 2000 years ago, most people couldn't read or write, and they were oppressed by the Romans, who had the advantage of a civilisation.

I am not a chippie. I am crap at woodwork. However, I can spell, on a good day. And I can bullshit, on a good day. I don’t have to resort to making stuff up, in a Dan Brown stylee, to try to make my point.

There are a lot of chaps involved in the FMOTL movement. A lot of organisations too, run by said chaps. I wonder why? If I earned, say £10 per hour, would I prefer to earn, say £100 and hour by promoting a system, making myself an authority on it, and writing a book? Probably. But then I might get away with it, because I can write.

Fuck it. It’s a waste of time on a huge scale. There is not a competent lawyer (if there is such as thing) anywhere near this.

I work in absolutes. If what I do doesn’t work, people die. They die messily. So I get it right. Until it’s right, it goes nowhere. That’s not superiority, it’s reality. Nobody has died, or even scratched their finger, on my watch.

There is NO big conspiracy theory. NOTHING is hidden. The Powers-That-Be, the oligarchy that run this feeble excuse for the country in which I was born, of which I was once justly proud, are not hiding anything. And if they were, they'd do it properly. Try researching BERR, for instance. Gone, and never called me Mother. All they have done is to sell the dream, the dream wherein everyone (apart from the indigenous white heterosexual) is  equal. The dream wherein everyone, but everyone, is entitled to a fair future (unless they work and pay tax).

Half of the working population pay for the other half, except possibly in the case of the banking sector, where all of the population pay for that sector many times over and for many years to come. And it isn't a New World Order. It's just a fucking pisstake. That's all. Yes, it's run by Big Corporations and Banks. Of course it is. And it's driven by MONEY and POWER and FAME. Of course it is. And if you aspire to any of those things, then you need another dose of reality. We're here for no time at all, then we're gone. And forgotten. Forever.

Proof? Right. You're an arse who hasn't had a decent education, spent too much time with wine, women and song, never bothered to better yourself by studying or working hard? The bloke next door is CEO of a large Corporation and has a fuckoff swimming pool in his back garden, a gas-guzzling 4x4 limo and a trophy blonde wife half his age. You can either rob him, or beat him. What do you do? Become a union man. There. Easy.

It IS shit. There is no doubt that it is a steaming, festering pile of shit.

It CAN be changed. There is no doubt that it can be changed.

And all I am asking is that you, YOU, search your soul. The FMOTL movement is an unadulterated pile of crap, with no basis in fact, law, reality or anything else with which I am familiar. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is dead.

To quote someone else, because their words are better than mine:

"He's NOT the Messiah. He's just a very naughty boy."

Now, it’s up to you. At least argue. If you’ve read this far, at least argue.

What I'd really like are some links, so I can explain them rationally. Start with this one, posted on Holby's blog by "Anon", and tell me, truly, whether you're going to accept it. If so, spend a few minutes ringing those numbers. Ask Lisa (if you can find her) whether she really sent a letter stating "... you're attendance ...".

Oh, come on.

Then when you've had a dose of reality, go and read Fausty. And weep.

[That's going to upset a few people, Marv. Sure you can handle it?]


Old Holborn said...

I notice with interest that the highly paid and learned lawyers of the MPs charged with fraud are attempting to use common law to avoid trial in court. They also worked out that you don't have to stand in a "dock".

If that doesn't tell you something, it should.

I don't have the answers. Yet. I may fall off the edge of the world, I may not. But I'm sailing westwards anyway to find out.

I am Stan said...

Yo Marv,

Well you have made your point of view very clear there mate,its a complex issue this freeman stuff and not without its risks.

Too complex for my brain and I dont have the time or patience to research it in depth,it is interesting to follow Holbys progress though.

I ll just stick to posting pictures of tottie and watching John Terry and leave the indepth political stuff to the experts:-)

Uncle Marvo said...

You are one brave honcho, Holby.

Yes, I note that with interest as well. They're going for the Parliamentary Privilege as far as I know. If not, I need correcting.

Freemen are going for a very obscure one. It involves a dozen Barons. If you ask those in the know, and I have, they will fob you off with "we've come a long way since then." Oh no we haven't.

You cannot begin to imagine how dearly I want to be proved wrong on this.

Keep sailing, Holby. I respect what you do. I sincerely hope you find what you're looking for.


The "dock" in a court is properly called the "bar". The symbolism of the accused being in the "dock" is to keep him away, figuratively, from the legal beagles. It is not naval.

The troughsnouters didn't want to stand in it because that would indicated their status of "accused". Which they still are.

ALL of the crap in a courtroom is designed to intimidate. When you've been as many times as I have, you don't notice it anymore.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

sickofit said...

That's it?
You have decided that FMOTL is all bollocks.
Which is fine I too disbelieve everything I read or hear until I can prove it for myself.

You have decided that all that passes for life here is just one massive piss take by incompetent but wealthy arseholes who do as they please simply because they can.
Well again fine everyone is entitled to their own truth.

But what a fucking let down after you teased us all with
"Suffice to say Freemanism is NOT the answer. There is an answer, but that isn't it.

Watch and wait."
There are some parts of freemanism that I have proved to myself to be perfectly true. There are others that are totally bogus.
As with anything that doesn't follow the accepted wisdom it has attracted some grade A nutters and clouds of obfuscating bullshit.
Some of these nutters may well be state sponsored who the fuck really knows other than they but as you yourself have pointed out they are real and they are obfuscating.

I have also found from personal experience that some aspects of commercial redemption are very true and do work. In fact there is much more that works in commercial redemption than doesn't and it doesn't attract the same level of obfuscation which in my book means something.

I have also discovered and proved to myself that all requests for payment for just about anything are structured the same way for specific reasons. My work in this are is not complete.
Neither are we being told anywhere near the truth about health issues and as far as I have been able to prove the reason is the amount of money governments, big phrama and a whole host of massive corporations make from conning the man and woman in the street.

I'll keep on watching and learning both Holby and you as well as Cap'n Ranty,, Rob Menard, Mary Croft, Schaeffer Cox and now Larken Rose not because any one has a definitive answer but the research they have done and are doing along with the action they are taking contain many of the pieces of the puzzle. I see it as my job to put them together to give me the truth that I am seeking.

Uncle Marvo said...


I won't insult you with the answer. You know already.

Pop over to Fausty's. It's not quite right, it's not all there. Yet. But it's the way forward.

Cash is the only thing they need from you to survive. Without it, they have a bit of a problem.

All I'm trying to do with this Freeman thing is to get some energies diverted back to where they matter. There's a heck of a lot of effort being wasted.

Old Holborn said...

"Cash is the only thing they need from you to survive. Without it, they have a bit of a problem."

I used to think that. I had a theory that if suddenly nobody paid their debts, the banking system and Israel would collapse. I was wrong.

They just took our money and printed whatever else they needed.

General strikes on the other hand ALWAYS work.

Uncle Marvo said...


They can't print it. It would be worthless. And then they're bollocksed. They know that, and you know that too. And also they can't borrow it, because nobody will lend it.

When the incivil servants, notably the Plod and the Army, find out, they will not be too co-operative.

General Strike? Hm. 1926 didn't do a fat lot of good, apart from strengthen the Unions, who are now half the bloody problem. It was billed in history as "the near revolution" though.

I'd go for the Tiananmen Square approach myself. That was a protest against communism, which is nearly where we are. And if this lot have their way, they'll finish the job.

Problem is, I see the problem as communism (always have) and you see it as Israel. Oui?

Fuck the banks. They are only crowing because they've been bailed out. Given an honest regime they will be back in their place, well below the pecking order in favoour of engineers, farmers and, of course, butchers.

And I don't see a solution. I just have the confidence that once the system as it is collapses, it will be rebuilt properly. Either that, or the hoods will take over.

Where the fuck is this Messiah?

hunkofjunk said...

I used to tour the Blogescenti for a reality check and welcome refresher of common sense. Now I find everyones gone north of binky bonk Cloud 9 and is as mad as a box of frogs. Have you all been got at by some secret goverment mind ray? The first sad idiot who attempts to pull that video stunt will be doing 30 days in the chokey where the sunshine comes in stripes. Freeman movement FFS? That get everyone down at the Mill Tavern excited won't it? Loony-tunes-r-us more likely.

Build the intellectual case then build support for it. These guys are an example...

Anyway, I'm not living in a fantasy medieval world of knights and fvcking freemen run by a Walter Mitty from Wales; I live in Middle England not Middle Earth.

Good luck though lads and keep taking the medication..... now, wheres that tinfoil..?

Uncle Marvo said...


Wait until they build the devil's punch bowl tunnel, then you'll be recategorised as London, never mind Middle England.

How can we build the intellectual case when we're arguing with each other about something so clearly barking as this, anyway?

All I'm trying to do is to dispel it, so we can get on with the job.

And so far, nobody's shown me shit. I haven't yet seen ANY bit that's true, apart from the glimmer. You can't start a rumour without the glimmer.

Still, plenty of irons in plenty of other fires.

Anonymous said...

I respect Holby's Freeman stance and would love to be in a position to test it. But I don't have enough of a handle on it to be able to do so. And my family wouldn't go for it.

I'm willing to give this strike a go. It does have flaw, Marvo. But everyone can at least take part in some form.

Many of the corporations (if not most) don't just feed of us - they feed off our taxes. Banks, for instance. Our labour is the collateral for the government borrowing money from them.

BT, Fujitsu, Microsnot, IBM - I'd be willing to bet that at least 50% of their business comes from government.

Now Tesco's in banking. Perhaps it will be buying government debt soon, too.

Corporations are becoming monsters, aided by governments.

How to slay the beasts, if not by withdrawing our labour and custom? (And consent, in Holby's case).

Uncle Marvo said...


Exactly the way. It isn't big enough, long enough, and is too publicly advertised. Has to be, to work, though. They are the flaws. But it is the way.

There are not enough big bollocks for a better way, sadly. The better way is T.Square.

More than 50%. Much more. Nobody else can afford their fees in the Big-End market. And PriceWaterHouseSpaniels, and all that lot of scumbags too.

I actually feel physically sick reading names like that.