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Monday, 8 March 2010


I've got a brillsticks idea for a new TV show. If the Beeb could take it and run with it, I'm absolutely sure there would be enough money to pay for BBC6 Radio and the Asian Channel.

If anyone out there knows any good contacts, please let them know. I don't want any money for the idea, just the satisfaction of watching a couple of episodes will do me.

It's called "Firing Squad".

Basically, the audience watches an episode of Yesterday in Parliament and then they vote, using the telephone or the internet, on which Member they would like to see before a firing squad.

The unlucky winner is then taken outside, where (and here's the clever bit) he is placed against a wall whilst the blindfolded marksmen shoot him, or at least try to.

I suggest calls should cost 50p to pay for the bullets. Obviously, the actual executions would be televised as well, thus increasing the ratings further.

I would buy a telly to see this. Some people might say that it is a bit harsh, but really, it isn't. All anyone would need to do to avoid facing "The Squad" would be to be honest, straightforward, and decent.


Cold Steel Rain said...

Can I use a GPMG if I'm on the firing squad? A belt of 200 rounds would be cool too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are willing to transfer the programming rights to the USA!

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