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Monday 1 March 2010


Here's a funny thing.

Nick Hogan jailed. Bloggers alerted. Money flooding in.

Pretty predictable. There's a bunch of cyberchaps (including chapesses) who, thanks to Old Holborn, are rallying to the support and hopefully imminent release of Nick, jailed in a fit-up by an oppressive, bigoted government machine and so-called "justice" system.

Of course you would. Nothing strange about that.

Here's the funny bit.

I have no idea who Old Holborn is. Nor, apart from one, who any of those other bloggers are. And Holby has set up a PayPal knob on his site, and people are flocking to shove money up it.

Where is the solicitor? Where is the accountant? Where is the agreement, signed by my hand this day, in triplicate? Where is my redress? Death, where is thy victory? I ramble.

There fucking isn't one. And I've bunged him a wad. And I'm perfectly happy that every fucking penny will go to free Nick.

That is trust.

Now, if the Powers-That-Be got involved in that transaction, how much of the machine would swallow up how much of the money, just to make sure the money hit the spot?

I leave this one to your vivid imagination.

Today promises to be a great day for freedom, liberty, justice, trust AND commonsense. And I am not exaggerating, just because the sun is shining.

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