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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Non Dom Law for Beginners

"Non-domiciled individuals, or ‘non-doms,’ are resident in the UK but have strong affiliations with another country where they were either born or their parents were born. They must also have an intention to leave the UK at some time in the future and live in that other country."

I am one, then. Thought so.

I was not born, and nor were my parents, Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt Marvo, in a country ruled by bans, fear, constant irrelevant law-making, isms, control, quotas, targets and diversity.

I was born into a post-war proud Great Britain where freedom, common sense, justice and fairness were the norm.

I will return to that country one day.

Do I owe someone some sort of non-dom contribution now? If so, bend over.

With a nod, a wink and a tip of the titfer to Marcellus

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