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Thursday, 11 March 2010


There is something seriously wrong.

A Tory, a Liberal, a Libertarian, whatever, will look at a particular policy, be it on education, transport, Europe or what-have-you, and comment on it depending on its merits.

A Labourite (is that the word?) will say "it is Labour and therefore it is good", regardless of what it actually is, how ridiculous it is, how desperate or damaging it is. It is like some sort of religion.

I know this sounds like shite, but really, have a look at ANY of the bloggers or tweeters. ANY of them.


My theory is that Labour is like Catholicism, in that you don't have to think for yourself. You just do what McBroon, B. Liar, Mandy or the Pope says.

My opinion. I'd be interested to hear yours.

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Anonymous said...

Labour is not a creed. It might have been, but no longer.

In opposition they were outraged at everything in society (or said they were) - because it was not them. This seemed to be genuine, but as it has turned out it was merely a marketing operation.

When in government these warriors for truth, social justice, civil liberties and the protection and advancement of the socially excluded, suddenly shut up. Went schtum. Disappeared. Hid. The Few who decided everything did not want the ordinary Labour person to say anything. They went quiet in spite of the fact that everything Labour complained about under the Tories has been continued under Labour and to a degree which is many, many times worse.

Have they complained. Nope.

Why not?

The reason is this. To avoid being deselected from their safe Parliamentary seats and avoid losing their MP salaries and expenses (which these social workers, trade unionists and lecturers could not hope to match outside Parliament) they were prepared to prostitute their “principles” and vote for ANYTHING the Beast said they had to vote for. That is why the Beast made expenses so high and got the Labour Whips to ENCOURAGE them to make wild claims for Parliamentary expenses. This was to get them hooked on the teat of expenses and get them used to the high life they could then afford and would be very loathe to lose. It wanted them addicted. The Beast has used the same trick to get all the leaders of all public and semi public bodies, quangos and the like, to promote Labour - by giving them huge salaries. He corrupts everyone’s integrity.

The truth is that there are no Labour values. Everything they do now is to destroy and dissolve society, not to make it better for the individual, even the individual Labour supported.

The whole of Labour is sick, hypocritical and immoral.

The only reason that Labour views appear more valid is the power of broadcasting. It is only apparent. Not real. Because all the broadcasters are from the Left and largely support Labour, of course they present all moral and political arguments from that standpoint. All other points of view are undermined. All opposition is made to look silly and/or dangerous.

What we need is the destruction of the left’s control of broadcasting, by making it more pluralistic. People do not realise the overwhelming power of broadcasting to influence. The whole damned country is brainwashed.

If broadcasting could be liberated, then you would find the print MSM calming down too and reflecting what WE were thinking.

The answer to your question is, in my view, the power of the Labour supporting and promoting State broadcaster (and all the other broadcasters who are also controlled by the Left) to influence the nation - and being so clever as to stop the dumb nation from realising it.

The cure for this cancer at the heart of our democracy is the liberation of broadcasting from the Left; by democratisation of broadcasting with pluralistic news from many, many more news providers. STOP the monopoly propaganda DEAD.

If I were given the job, I would be delighted to go personally to the BBC and tell all the staff of the news and current affairs department to leave their desks IMMEDIATELY and leave the building; they would not be allowed to take any papers with them nor to touch any computers. All the building would be placed under armed guard until we could find out what they had been doing and what links they had with Labour and the EU - which believe me are very deep - as we would need the proof.

Just some random thoughts in answer to your question.