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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Seems that the Old Bastard Holby, masked crusader extraordinaire is up to something. Again.

I like the cut of the Jury Team's jib. They have ideas, lots of them, all good so far as I can see. And I like the way they're asking for people to stand as MPs, because that's the way in. Once in, regroup, and the system can be turned upside-down.

I have been to their site and browsed for MPs. There are few. Lamentably few. There will be an election, very soon, possibly in only a month or so. And they haven't got a handful of representatives yet. They obviously have some cash, looking at the size of their adverts in the MSM, and the quality of their website. Yes, they have to start somewhere. A couple of years ago, maybe.

And here am I, not prepared to stand as an MP. I am quite happy with my PPC, a Ms Louise Bagshawe, writer of books, a very intelligent lady and a defector from Lab to Con.

I would be quite a good MP, I think. Though I'd have to take a pay cut, and I wouldn't be able to stand up in Parliament and talk the sort of bollocks that they do, like "The Honourable Whatever" when I really meant "Twat". And if they did a bit of digging they'd find enough to fill a couple of copies of the News of the World. All bad, I'm afraid.

So no, I won't be standing. I'd have more chance of becoming the Pope than becoming an MP.

And I have been negative over there at OH's place. I don't know why. Perhaps I just feel negative today, the Powers-That-Be who surely MUST know they've nowhere to go now are strutting around STILL talking utter, utter bollocks.

Someone famous once said that a person's desire to be a politician should disqualify them from being one. Or something. I can't remember who, it might have been me. I believe that. I believe that because the ones we have ruining the country at the moment are professional politicians, and once elected they impose their ideas on us. Doesn't matter if something is broken, they try to fix it. I see it daily at the HugeCo for whom I do some work. It is sickening. Money, which isn't really theirs, yet money they have control of, being frittered on all sorts of stupid, meaningless projects because they can. They just can.

I'm sure these babbling idiots mean well. I hope so, because if not, I would be justified in borrowing a GPMG and running amok for ten minutes or so until I was captured by the Feds.

I don't think Jury Team is going anywhere. I think that the proletariat are 90+ percent vegetable and they'll vote as they always vote.

But I say this to Old Holborn:

  • I don't know who the fuck you are, except that you're a masked mischief-maker. I've bunged you a wad of readies over the internet, no receipt, no nothing, and I'm happy with that. I don't know why you'd want to become an MP. I don't care. But I trust you to do the right thing.
  • And I'll see you on the 30th, with beer vouchers. 

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Anonymous said...

I'd have more chance of becoming the Pope... than becoming an MP.

Not exactly an aspirational position to aim for either!!