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Friday, 26 March 2010


I might have worked it out.

There are all these opinion polls saying that Labour are catching up with the Tories.

Other bloggers are saying it's because Cameron's an arse. It might be, but it seems a bit coincidental that just after Cameron gave what I believe was his best performace so far, and which must have been watched by million, after the Badger's pathetic attempt at a budget (as witnessed by every single MSM channel in the known universe), the gap between the Tories and the Idiots narrowed to something approximating to jack shit.

This means one of two things:

  1. Something the Badger said spurred the swingers Labour's way, or
  2. Something Cameron said spurred the swingers Labour's way.
In between wetting myself at the comments coming up on the live feed kindly supplied by the Eye, Gotty and Subrosa, I listened to the budget speech. Apart from making cider illegal, it didn't say anything. Fuel up by next to nothing, easy to do because it's just been hiked by a huge amount anyway. Beer and wine up by next to nothing over the rate of inflation, the proletariat don't care because they don't know what inflation is anyway, and hald of them can't add one and three and get a reliable answer. Half a dozen useless jobs cut in Whitehall, who cares?

Then I listened to Cameron's speech, which I thought was quite fiery, spoiled only by the lolling, grinning idiot on his right. He said that the budget was a load of old tosh, which was correct.

Then the poll came. It amazed even me, and I am hardly ever amazed any more.

And then I realised what has happened. It is ordained. It is the plan. They have won. The social engineers have really done a mind job on the populace. 

When you eliminate the impossible then what remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

I for one cannot bear the thought of another five years of this. The only thing I can say with conviction is that it is not too late. It is possibly too late to do anything through the accepted, or normal, channels, but I, for one, will NOT stand by idly and accept that the country in which I was born and of which I was brought up to be proud has been turned into a socially-engineered machine for the benefit of a few dozen hubristic, deluded oligarchs for their own nefarious ends.

Serious situations demand serious measures. That is all.


Cold Steel Rain said...

We're fucked mate...

Uncle Marvo said...


You didn't get through that sandy place with THAT attitude, I know.

One of these characters is fucked

If I wanted to start a fight I'd want better odds than 100,000:1.

And there are only 646 of them. Their backup don't mean shit.

Anonymous said...

Things will have to get a lot worse before the lumpen proletariat start becoming less lumpen.

Whichever party is elected, there will be another five years of "this". So things will get a lot worse.

Pass the popcorn.